In-Restland Donut Bed

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Ever worried about your cat´s stress and anxiety? Do you know that the lack of a restful sleep is the cause for most of your cat´s bad mood? Ever thought about giving your cat the perfect spot for relaxing naps?

Our In-Restland Donut Bed will be every cat perfect resting spot!

  • Some cats are naturally fearful and insecure – In-Restland Donut Bed‘s circular shape and raised rim gives your cat a sense and security which stimulates the nervous system positively
  • Lack of sleep may be the cause of your cat becoming anxious and frustrated – The extra plush and softness of our In-Restland Donut Bed will keep your cat warm and it will produce a calming effect on your cat, helping him relax more easily and sleep more deeply
  • Due to their feline nature, cats tend to do quick and risky movements that may cause muscular strain - In-Restland Donut Bed super soft plush provides a perfect relief for joints and muscular pain


  • Made of extra soft and extra long cotton plush
  • Fully machine washable (gentle cycle, tumble dry on low or lay flat to air dry)
  • Portable and light weight
  • Super stylish design, perfect for every home decor
  • Recommended sizes:
    • Size L (50 cm diameter) - fit for kittens less than 5kg
    • Size XL (60 cm diameter) - fit for cats less than 9kg
    • Size XXL (70 cm diameter) - fit for cats less than 18kg